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To meet the challenging needs of IT industry in 21st century, the premier College of the state has introduced a three year degree programme leading to B.Sc(ITM) Information Technology Management under self financing scheme since 2000-2001. & M.Sc(ITM), a two years Master's Degree in Information Technology Management in the year 2006-07. The course aims at preparing students to pursue professional careers in Software Design, E-Commerce and Network Engineering. The University shall be offering this as a full time course in collaboration with Star Computer Institute Pvt. Ltd.


"All applicants should have a valid email-ID before applying for admission into PG/UG courses. All communications from theUniversity to the candidates will be through email and website"

Eligibility:- 45% marks in aggregate in the qualifying examination (Higher Secondary Science with mathematics as a subject) without the mark in extra optional, if any
OR Three year Diploma in Engineering from an institution recognized by State Council of Technical Education and Vocational Training, Odisha.

Last Date for Submission of online appliaction B.Sc. ITM:- 14 days from the publication of CHSE Odisha result -2014

Last Date for Submission of Documents B.Sc. ITM:- 18 days from the publication of CHSE Odisha result -2014

Applicatioin Fees for B.Sc. ITM:- Rs 500/- drawn in favour of Ravenshaw University UG Admission payable at Cuttack

Eligibility:- B.Sc (ITM)/ B.Sc ( IST / IT / CS) / BCA or B.Tech. in Computer Science/ IT / Electronics and
with Minimum 45%

Last Date for Submission of online appliaction M. SC ITM:- 10th May June 2014

Last Date for Submission of Documents M. SC ITM:- 13th June 2014

Applicatioin Fees for M. SC ITM:- Rs 500/- drawn in favour of Ravenshaw University PG Admission payable at Cuttack

Date of Entrance Examination (M.Sc ITM) :-
27th June 2014 - 2 P.M. to 4 P.M.

Syllabus for Entrance Examination (M.Sc ITM) :-

1. English :- Report Writing, Grammar, Communicative Skill

2. Computer Application:-
a. DBMS:- Basics, Normalization, Transaction & Concurrency control.
b. Data Structure:- Sorting (Bubble Sort, Heap Sort, Merge Sort), Searching (Linear, Binary), Application of tree

3. Computer Langugae:-
a.C Language :- Data types, Array, Functions
b.C++ :- OOPs, Variable Aliasing, Operators Overloading, Inheritance
c. Java :- Package, Polymorphism Interface

4. Operating System:- Scheduling Techniques (FCFS, SJF, RR, Multilevel Queue),Deadlock Handling, Virtual Memory.

5. Computer Architecure:- I/O Devices, Memory Mapping, Memory Addressing, Bus Structure(Address Bus, Data Bus & Control Bus).

6. Digital Electronics:- K-Map, Logic Gates, Registers & Counters, MUX and DEMUX,Encoder & Decoder

7. Basics of Data Communication Networking:- OSI model, TCP/IP protocol suite, LAN, WAN, MAN, Topology, Transmission Media (Guided & Unguided Media), Switching Techniques- (Circuit Switching & Packet Switching).LAN/WAN devices(hub, switch, gateway & router)



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